After an Attempt

Help for families and friends who have experienced a loved one attempt suicide or struggle with suicidal thoughts.


Is This You?

Is This Your Pain?

Are you confused about what to do or not to do?
Do you hold your breath and say a prayer every time they leave the house alone? Or do you hesitate for a minute before walking in the door to your home or child's bedroom?
Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells all the time?
Are you replaying the attempt in your mind over and over again?
Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and feel alone?
Are you angry, hurt, and feel betrayed?
Do you know what the rest of your family is feeling?
Are you baffled and can't comprehend why someone would want to end their life?
Do you feel isolated and don't know who you can talk to get answers.

This Course Will Change Your Life

By signing up for this informational series today, you'll get access to a wealth of knowledge and support. It's the first of its kind that gives you a comprehensive guide following a suicide attempt... so no matter what your level of expertise is, who you are or who attempted, you will be empowered and self-reliant after taking this course.

Broken down into 10-20 minute videos, with downloadable audio so you can listen to it anywhere or anytime,  you'll learn:

  • That suicide attempts are traumatic for everyone in the family 
  • What are "normal and expected" family reactions after a suicide attempt
  • How trauma manifests itself in people of all ages, such as young children    
  • How to talk comfortably with the attempt survivor about their suicidality and HOW TO KEEP THEM ALIVE  
  • How to get your family members to listen and ask questions in a healthy way that prevents further attempts
  • How not to get in a power struggle with your loved one.  
  • 10 ways to tell if your loved one is heading down that suicidal rabbit hole again 
  • Why self-care and self-compassion are essential when you are living with a suicidal person or someone in your care.   Learn the 5 A's of stress management and 6 healthy coping strategies.

You will get a workbook journal that you can use with your family and resources, infographics, and much more!


By signing up for this course, you'll also have access to a private Facebook group, which your family members can join too if you so desire, where you'll meet other people in the same situation as yours. 

A new feature is monthly conference calls. You can join the call live each month where you can ask questions and hear other people's thoughts and questions as well.

You will get the support and help you desperately need during this difficult time. You will realize that you are not alone and help is available.

Get the Family Informational Series Today

Click the button to get the informational series now and start paving the way to emotional freedom, confidence and support. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

Do You Work with Families who Live with a Suicidal Person?

If you or your organization works with people who are dealing with a family member's suicidality or attempted suicide, this course will greatly increase your skills and effectiveness. You'll learn how to help families after a suicide attempt, how to help the attempt survivor, provide insight to the families why someone becomes suicidal and help relieve their guilt.  You'll be able to give them tips on effective communication, self-care, building resilience, and more!

Organizational discounts are available. You can purchase the entire series or choose which modules are the best fit for your and your organization.


Contact Heidi Bryan at [email protected] or 01-610-715-0076 for more information.


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